Turning herbarium records into big data for plant microbiomes.

Determinants and processes that generate and maintain biodiversity.

The four principal processes than can underlie the formation of phyloregions and their relationship with phylogenetic beta diversity. (A) Dispersal, (B) Niche conservatism, (C) Extinction, and (D) Speciation. The distribution of phyloregions in NMDS space under a scenario of (E) low phylogenetic beta diversity, and (F) high phylogenetic beta diversity. (Daru et al. 2017; Trends Ecol Evol).

Developing tools for biodiversity conservation

Fig. 2

The first global marine plant biodiversity hotspots derived from a combination of five measures of diversity – species richness, phylogenetic diversity, species endemism, phylogenetic endemism and ‘evolutionary distinctiveness and global endangerment’ – for seagrass and mangrove species combined (Daru & le Roux 2016; Glob Ecol Biogeogr).