Fast Evolutionary Distinctiveness in R

Evolutionary distinctiveness is a metric that quantifies how isolated a species is on a phylogenetic tree – some species have few or no close living relatives. The standard method for calculating evolutionary distinctiveness is either by using the R package picante or caper. For very large trees, such calculation is a memory-intensive operation and a … Continue reading

Congratulations to Jordan Rodriguez, Winner of GERS Undergraduate Presentation Award

Jordan emerged winner of the undergraduate student presentation at the 2020 Conference of the Gulf Estuarine Research Society (GERS). Jordan’s presentation at GERS addressed the issue of sampling biases in collections record by disentangling areas of mismatches and congruencies in sampling biases between observations and vouchered specimens in the world’s plant occurrence records. Jordan is … Continue reading

Endemism patterns are scale dependent

The spatial variation of biodiversity patterns has for long fascinated biologists, yet our knowledge of how this phenomenon varies from local, regional and global scales have been predicated on models fitted to species richness, extinction risk or density dependence. As a consequence, little is known about how patterns of endemism vary with scale. Writing in … Continue reading

Island University Biology Professor Awarded National Science Foundation Grant as Part of Arctic Research Project 

A new collaborative research project led by a pair of researchers at the University of Arizona that includes team members from Duke University, North Carolina University and Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi has received funding by the National Science Foundation’s Division of Environmental Biology to study biodiversity in Alaska and the Canadian Arctic regions. Continue reading … Continue reading


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