About Barnabas

I was born in Kerang, Nigeria, a nice small town located about 54 miles from Jos. In 2007, I obtained my BSc from University of Jos. I later joined the University of Johannesburg in South Africa for my Master’s and PhD. In 2016, I left South Africa for Harvard University where I completed a Harvard University Herbaria postdoctoral fellowship in collaboration with Charles Davis and Don Pfister, on new uses of herbarium specimens for ecology and evolutionary biology.

I lead a collaborative research program in the field of biodiversity research and conservation science with particular expertise in phylogenetics, genomics, and niche modeling of plants (kingdom Plantae). I have published more than 37 papers in top peer-reviewed journals and book chapters, which have been cited more than 620 times and H-index = 14 (see my Google Scholar profile).

In September 2018, I joined the Department of Life Sciences at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi as an Assistant Professor.