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Fast Evolutionary Distinctiveness in R

Evolutionary distinctiveness is a metric that quantifies how isolated a species is on a phylogenetic tree – some species have few or no close living relatives. The standard method for calculating evolutionary distinctiveness is either by using the R package … Continue reading

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Phylogenetic Diversity for Large Datasets

1. Introduction Phylogenetic diversity is the sum of branch lengths connecting species into the root of a phylogenetic tree. We will demonstrate the ability of our new R package phyloregion to handle and execute large biogeographical datasets for analysis of … Continue reading

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Introduction to phyloregion R package

phyloregion An R package for biogeographic regionalization (the classification of geographical areas in terms of their biotas) and macroecology. With macroecological datasets of ever increasing size and complexity, phyloregion offers the possibility of handling and executing very large scale analysis … Continue reading

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