Hello, thank you for visiting barnabasdaru.com. It is an honor to have you here.

I am a Research Fellow in Organismic and Evolutionary Biology, Harvard University.

My research has sought to address two main goals that are fundamental to ecology and evolutionary biology.

The first is to gain a mechanistic understanding of the processes by which species diversity has evolved, is currently distributed and will be maintained.

The second is to leverage emerging innovations in phylogenetics, genomics, biodiversity informatics, and niche modeling to develop tools for conservation that will mitigate future biodiversity loss.

I combine fieldwork, laboratory, molecular and analytical aspects in my research.

Enjoy your moments here with me on the site and be sure to come back often for updates and other pertinent information on my research.

Read our new paper in New Phytologist

Daru, B.H., Park, D.S., Primack, R.B., Willis, C.G., Barrington, D.S., Whitfeld, T.J.S., Seidler, T.G., Sweeney, P.W., Foster, D.R., Ellison, A.M. & Davis, C.C. (2018) Widespread sampling biases in herbaria revealed from large-scale digitization. New Phytologist 217: 939–955. The full journal article can be found here

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